Residential and Community design


Douglas Dare Design is a design firm, consisting of Douglas Dare and collaborative partners. Douglas has a background in residential construction and completed a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) in 2012.
architect douglas dare

Our philosophy is to create quality buildings and spaces that enhance and enrich people’s lives. We focus on high quality residential architecture and community environments.


Our residential work includes new homes, renovations and extensions.

We follow a process of listening, understanding and refinement. We see the home as a framework to support our client’s unique lifestyle. Your needs and aspirations guide our team to create a home that is formed with atmosphere, feeling and character.

We believe good architecture responds to its cultural context (the community) and to the physical conditions of the site. These values create projects that are timeless and adds value to people and the environment. Our work sits comfortable within the urban or rural landscape in response to the unique qualities of the site.


Our community projects are collaborative process and includes: client and community consultation, feasibility studies, design, documentation, and project management. We have worked with schools and social service organisations to create engaging, multi–use, multi-sensory environments to support the unique needs of clients.